University of Vienna Bernadett Weinzierl

The AEP (Aerosol Physics and Environmental Physics) group is oriented towards basic aerosol science. Currently, research focuses on the following topics: 1) airborne aerosol measurements, 2) abundance and properties of Cloud Condensation Nuclei, 3) measurement and intercomparison of measurement methods for black and brown carbon in aerosols, 4) nucleation and nanoparticle formation in ambient and laboratory settings, 5) microphysical and optical properties of non-spherical particles such as mineral dust and volcanic ash, 6) development of new measurement methods for the characterization of nanometer-sized particles. A particular strength of the group is in the development, adaptation and testing of measurement techniques, with a long track record of ground-breaking designs and technologies. Inter-disciplinary research investigates zones in exoplanetary systems supporting life based on solvents other than water. Current research is continually integrated into lectures and lab classes on aerosol science, environmental science and global change.