Raymetrics N/A

Raymetrics S.A has been in operation since 2002 and is probably the first atmospheric LIDAR company in the world. Over the last 16 years they have developed a range of highly customizable products suitable for academic, commercial and operational uses.

The polarimetric ground-based lidar system Wall-E is completed in collaboration with Raymetrics and NOA in the framework of the ERC Consolidator grant D-TECT. The objective of the system is to provide the upcoming ESA missions of Aeolus (the first satellite mission to acquire profiles of Earth’s wind on a global scale) and later also EarthCARE (Earth Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Explorer), with a well characterized, flexible, mobile reference ground-based lidar system, tailored to the specifics of ALADIN (a sophisticated Doppler Wind Lidar operating in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum (355nm) implemented in a transceiver configuration and tilted 35° from nadir). EVE lidar, a combined linear/circular polarization system that is currently being developed by RAYMETRICS S.A, is tailored to evaluate the spaceborne ALADIN Doppler lidar system. The goal is to provide the ESA-Aeolus mission with a flexible, mobile reference ground-based lidar system capable of providing well-characterized fiducial reference measurements of particle optical properties. Since ALADIN detects only the co-polar component of the backscattered circularly polarized emission, a portion of the received signal is lost, resulting to the underestimation of the backscatter coefficient and the circular depolarization ratio in presence of strongly depolarizing particles. EVE lidar will quantify these uncertainties and evaluate the particle backscatter/extinction retrievals of Aeolus, and later also the EarthCARE product.