Italian National Research Council Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis

Doppler Cloud Radar MIRA-35

PI: Fabio MadonnaOperators: Marco RosoldiParametres: Radar Reflectivity, Doppler velocity, Linear Depolarization Ratio of Hydrometeors, Linear Depolarization Ratio of Non-Hydrometeorological Targets , Cloud Boundaries, Target Classification, Turbulent Kinetic Energy Dissipation Rate

The pulsed Ka-band cloud radar MIRA-35 (formerly named MIRA-36) is unique in performance and durability and delivers a calibrated Doppler spectrum of cloud droplets in up to 1024 height steps for a vertical range between 0.2 km … 15 km at a time resolution of 10 s. The wide dynamic range and the very high system sensitivity allow a tomography of cloud structures even in thin ice layer. The radar has a 1 m diameter antenna with a clutter fence that strongly suppresses the ground clutter echo and is is also equipped with a scanning unit which allows to perform a 3-D scanning of the atmosphere.


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