Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research

CIMEL Sunphotometer

PI: Holger Baars Parametres: Aerosol Optical Depth(340nm, 380nm, 440nm, 500nm, 675nm, 870nm, 1020nm, 1640nm), Angstrom exponent (40-870nm, 380-500nm, 440-675nm, 500-870nm, 340-440nm, 440-675nm), Volume Size Distribution, Refractive Index, Single Scattering Albedo, Absorption AOD, Extinction AOD, Asymmetry Factor, Phase function

As the only photometer operated by the AERONET international federation of networks since 1992, the CE318 multiband photometer is recognized as the worldwide reference for aerosol observing networks.

The latest version, the CE318-T Sun Sky Lunar photometer, is now the only version supported by AERONET for new entering photometers.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies, it features additional communications means and easier user-friendly operation. The improved tracking and detection chain increase measurement precision and make it the only commercially available photometer to perform moon measurements and provide AODs also at nighttime.

In addition to nighttime lunar measurements, the CE318-T version features a control unit with enhanced functionalities and ergonomics and a robot control as well as additional communication means

Thanks to Cimel's unique ultra-low power technology (MicroAmps®), and highly rugged design to its self-powered system, the CE318 is the ideal solution for both field campaign and long term continuous monitoring, in terms of autonomy, reliability, durability and cost effectiveness.