National Observatory of Athens


PI: Stefano CasadioParametres: Total NO2, Tropospheric NO2, Surface NO2, Total O3Sponsor: ESA

PANDORA is a solar spectroradiometer part of the PANDONIA network, which retrieves Total Ozone Column from ground based locations. The instrument has a field of view of 1.5o and is made by combining two spectroradiometers of spectral range of 290-520nm and 400-900nm with spectral resolution 0.6nm and 1.2nm respectively. This precise, modular and versatile measurement system is capable of measuring total columns and profile information of trace gases such as nitrogen dioxide(NO2), ozone, formaldehyde(HCHO) and others. Control software allows automated measurements and virtual monitoring and data transfers over the internet. PANDORA is used around the globe for satellite validation studies, regional pollution monitoring, algorithm development and instruments intercomparison.


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